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THE ROUNDTABLE LEKKI is a business development, economic empowerment, and networking forum, created to share information that will assist businesses, business owners, investors, SMEs, and individuals, to take advantage of growth opportunities that abound in their environment. Our strategy is to use free conferences, seminars, and networking platforms to stimulate interest and aid economic emancipation. By this, we hope to make our own humble contribution to reducing poverty in the land and to aid economic empowerment. Every year, The Roundtable Lekki selects a sector in the economy, which it dimensions with the help of professionals and players in that sector. The goal is to critically analyze the sector in order to reveal the business potentials inherent in it. The strategy is to stimulate interest in the audience and encourage them to use the information provided to be economically empowered.

Theme: “The Nigerian Entertainment Industry; Opportunities & Trends”

This year, The Roundtable Lekki has set its eyes on the Nigerian Entertainment Industry. This sector of the economy is one of the fastest growing today. It has great potential to engage millions of Nigerians, especially the youths. It is therefore our interest in helping our participants to know how to tap into its vast business opportunities this year.

THE ROUNDTABLE LEKKI is powered by Church of God Mission Int. Inc., Victoria Island Zonal Headquarters, Oniru. Our vision is to Release Potential, Creating a Godly World. The theme of this year’s edition is “The Nigerian Entertainment Industry; Opportunities & Trends” and it will take place on May 01, 2023, at Church of God Mission Int’l, Garden City, Oniru.

The event will have in attendance investors, business owners, and individuals from different industries/sectors, especially Actors, Comedians, movie producers, promoters, investors in the entertainment industry and so much more.

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Atunyota Alleluya Akpobome

Nigerian stand-up comedian, Master of Ceremonies and Actor


Award winning veteran actress, producer, director and acting coach.

Dr. Noah Inu Momodu

Music Director and Record Producer

Bright Okpocha

CEO of Barons World Entertainment


CEO, Gosporella International

Omooba Deji Irawo

Multimedia Chief Executive

The Roundtable Lekki

Theme: “The Nigerian Entertainment Industry; Opportunities & Trends”

Venue: CGMi Garden City, Oniru, the VI Zonal Headquarters

1st May 2023

Mr. Atunyota Alleluya Akpobome
Topic: Overview of the Nigerian Entertainment Industry; Opportunities & Trends
Mrs. Joke Silva
Topic: Thriving Through the Movies

Dr. Noah Inu Momodu
Topic: The Business of Music

Panel Session
Mr. Bright Okpocha
Topic: The Business of Comedy
Mr. Afojeare Campbell
Topic: DJ & Music Promotions
Mr. Omooba Deji Irawo
Topic: Entertainment Media & Promotions

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